Kelley, I am on an Ad Hoc committee regarding a new Animal Control/shelter
manager and new shelter (ours was destroyed in a flood - the 5th largest
natural disaster - last summer). We are making recommendations regarding the
new manager and shelter. We are hoping to have a greater focus on the
sheltering part of the position than in the past. We are also drafting
interview questions for the candidates. We are hoping the City will hire
someone who believes in the no kill philosophy. Earlier today I read the new
Cat Fancy article "a No Kill Nation: Is It Possible?" and had my first
exposure to Nathan Winograd. Tonight I was perusing your site and there he
is again! I didn't realize or remember where you are located and, of course
you would know him or of him. He is AMAZING. The links on your site took me
to tons of valuable information for our effort. THANK-YOU for this and all
you do for kitties!
Laurie (Iowa)

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> They also receive a lot of funding and donations and have a dedicated
> of directors.

Yes, but how much of that is due to the fact that they have been open to the
public since the beginning?

It seems a chicken and the egg thing to me.

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