First, thanks to all who supported us when we lost Darcy, our positive kitty a 
couple of months ago after her spaying surgery. 

We just adopted a partially blind kitten
from the kind lady who found her and her sister abandoned in a mud puddle. 
She's active and happy and will be going to our vet on Tuesday for her first 

We have two adult positive kitties who are doing well. I don't yet know if this 
kitten will be positive, but if she is, I'm already worrying about her spaying, 
after Darcy and losing another positive a few years ago after a surgery. 

How do others handle positives when they come into heat?  Is it just a hope for 
the best situation?  Are there options I'm not aware of?  

Any words of wisdom are welcome. Even if she tests negative, I'm sure there'll 
be other positives in our future. 

Jody and new kitty Charcoal

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