You are SO VERY welcome!
I strongly urge you to read his book - if it is not available at your local
library,  you can get it at Amazon used very cheaply.
*If he comes anywhere near you at all to speak - please do attend.  It will
change your life.  And have your tissues ready.  He is my hero.  I have
heard him speak 3 times now.  I will drive anywhere within an 800 mile
radius just to hear him.  He is that powerful.*

*P.S.  He does not believe in killing FELV+ cats, just because they are
I have a copy of his book he signed for me - it says "Never doubt we will
succeed,"  and though I am not superhuman like he is, and I do sometimes
doubt, when I do doubt I get out my book and look at it and it helps.

Thank you so much for the compliment:):):)
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