regardless of how becca became infected, everyone in the house has
already been exposed to her by now, and euthanizing her is like the
proverbial shutting the barn door.....

as others have said, adults cats have a very high level of immunity to
the virus--suggest that your vet read
for the 70% stat. additionally, NEW research is showing that even in
those cats who do continue to test positive, some of them never
progress to becoming systematic, and are not actually contagious.
(that info was given in a petsmart webinar late last year, and i
haven't been able to find the actual citation.)

also, as mentioned, there is NO evidence of a vaccinated TRUE negative
(ie, one tested twice, with enough time in between tests for the virus
to actually have taken hold) ever to become positive from living with
a TRUE positive (likewise, one tested twice, to make sure that it
doesn't throw the virus off.) there are many folks who have had
vaccinated negatives living with positives for many years, with NO

everyone, and everything living is gonna die at some point--and when
we start killing off things because they MIGHT get sick at some point,
it doesn't bode well for any living thing. it's awful to find out that
one has inadvertently exposed one of our furkids to an illness, but
once it's happened, it's happened--i know i don't stop loving the
positive one....

glad you found us.

Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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