Amy, I don't know the scientific reasons but everything I've read said you 
won't get an accurate test result until the HCT is below 20.

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> One more question.  We did a
> reticulocyte count on Wolfie because we had to draw blood
> for a CBC and we were able to do the test with the same
> sample.  I hoped it would give me some useful
> information.  The results came back and my vet felt
> they really weren't very informative or helpful.  She
> called for clarification and to explain Wolfie's history of
> leukemia, higher HCT's, etc. and to ask if the anemia is
> non-regenerative or not.  They said that the amount of
> reticulocytes was appropriate for a cat with a HCT of 27 but
> that they can't tell if it's regenerative or not because the
> HCT has to be below 20 to determine that.  We knew it
> was recommended to wait til then to do it but both felt we
> didn't want to be waiting that long or drawing more blood at
> that stage.  I'm confused.  If it was
> non-regenerative, he wouldn't be making reticulocytes,
> right?  Anybody ever do a retic count before the HCT
> drops below 20?
> Amy
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