I have a question - not sure how to submit it. I have 2 cats who are feline 
leukemia positive. From outward appearances, they look and basically act 
healthy. One of them has started having a dilated pupil - it is not constant 
but it has been occuring a lot lately. She will also start panting and 
breathing heavy - I have central air and keep it on all the time.The last time 
she did this, it was actually very cool in her room. 
The other one had seizures one day several months ago - that was the one and 
only time that occured. But several months ago, his 3rd eyelid (on both eyes) 
started staying out. He can still see but not too well. 
Is there anything I need to do or is this just part of the disease? There are 
no other symptoms for either one of them at this time. 

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