oh, yes, i've had that happen, too!

"tell me when it's time for me to help you...." she meows, this a cat who
maybe meowed a dozen times in her entire life--so i get her into the
carrier, tears streaming down my face, lock myself out, have to break into
the house to get the car keys, take her to the vet's--where she promptly
starts acting like there's nothing whatsoever wrong with her (she had a
squamous-cell carcimona on her tiny little jaw--it had burst that morning,
she couldn't eat, it was inoperable, this was NOT a questionable
decision....)--did i mention this was FirstCalico??????

sometimes i think that they have that brief flash of kitten, to remind us
both of what was--to temper the sadness with the memory of the joy.

whatever, it was HORRIBLE!!!!! (36 hours after she passed, i looked up and
"saw" her walking in from the kitchen, saying, "hi, mom, i feel SO much
better now, can i have my body back now?" i had to explain that it didn't
work that way.....


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