Not a FeLV+ cat but we had a cat in severe liver failure due to not eating
(a cat a friend adopted) and she survived. The vet did have to place an E
tube (feeding tube that goes in through the neck). Please check out the
yahoo group Feline assisted Feeding for great information. My best to you,
Joanna and Miles. You are in my prayers.

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Hi everyone

Miles, a 6 year-old cat positive for FIV and FeLV, is in a very poor
condition and has now been admited to the vet hospital. He was not eating,
he vomited and is dehidrated. Miles was a stray cat I took in 2,5 years ago.
He stayed with me until December '08 when he was adopted by Joana.
Throughtout these years he has always been a very healthy cat.

Two weeks ago Joana took him for his vaccines and blood tests. The vet did
not vaccinated him because he relies on a 2-year period for vaccination and
took his blood for testing. Then he left for holidays and said nothing to
Joana about the tests' results.

Joana was away for the week-end of 15th -16th and when she got back, Miles
did not eat much. On Monday he did not eat at all, he drank a lot of water
and urinated a lot, also. Yesterday he vomited and Joana took him to the vet
hospital. She rang the other vet's clinic for the tests' results and
surprisingly ALT values were almost 10 times the maximum.

At the hospital, blood tests were again done, liver parameters were sky high
(so much so that some of them did not show up). He is anemic and jaundiced.
The ultra-sound did not reveal much.

He is now having fluids and antibiotics. The prognosis is bad.

Do you have something to share on similar conditions of positive cats?
Thanks very much
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