In PA you can try looking up the best little cat house in 
Pennsylvania if you decide not to keep him. They take in FELV+ cats I believe. 
Good luck to you.

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Urgent! FeLV cat -New Jersey- I need to find him a 
> Sanctuary
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> Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 8:52 AM
> I live in Central New Jersey and I have a cat that showed
> up on my doorstep about 10 months ago.  He is so super
> friendly that my husband and I decided that we wanted to
> take him in as one of our own.  We took him to the vet
> about 3 weeks ago and he tested positive for Leukemia. 
> We were heartbroken.  We cannot take him inside due to
> the fact that we have 2 "healthy" cats inside already.
> The vet said that he is about 2-3 years old and in good
> health with the exception of testing positive for
> Leukemia.  (by the way - he did test negative for HIV
> and he has been neutered)  He is the sweetest cat and
> just wants to be petted and loved and talked to.  I was
> out back the other back in my lounge chair and he jumped up
> onto my chest and wanted me to pet him, which of course I
> did.  He is also very friendly with the neighbor
> children.
> I would love to find a safe place for him where he can get
> some interaction with humans as well as other cats.  We
> have a few other cats that we feed outside and he seems to
> get along well with them.
> I need  to find a safe place for him where he will be
> loved and cared for.   We really need your
> help!!!  Any information in the New Jersey, New York
> and Pennsylvania area will be helpful.
> Thanks!
> Donna
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