Hello Everyone

I wanted to keep my promise and keep you updated on Autumn.  After perking
up a little following the initial LTCI injection she quickly went downhill.
When I got home from work last night she was on the edge of dying.  I had
two phone numbers in front of me - one for the in home euthanasia expert and
the other for the animal emergency treatment center.  I called for the
euthanasia expert first and she was busy for the remainder of the day.  So I
called AETC, she had a hematocrit of 4%.  In light of my hope for the LTCI
to work (it takes multiple injections once a week and she had only had one)
I went forward with the transfusion.  She's feeling better now, but the real
question is whether the LTCI can reverse the affects of the bone marrow
suppression.  I don't know, but she gets the second shot on Friday.  In
fact, I am taking her to a vet who has done some field studies using LTCI at
a local animal shelter.  I will continue to let you know how things go with
her and the LTCI.

Also, within this email, I forwarded a message I got from a secretary at
Imulan - she attached the article explaining the methods, theory and results
of their study on LTCI.  I hope everyone can open it.

Thanks again everyone.  You have wonderful hearts.


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Here is the link that I think you will find helpful and will answer most of
your questions.

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Heather Hurst

Director of Operations

IMULAN BioTherapeutics

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