Your prices are very reasonable, considering you will undoubtedly
have a lot of veterinary expenses with these FelV cats. These other
places are way out of line, and only the very rich could afford them.
There must be a medium priced santuary for cats (not necessarily FelV
cats) someplace, but I don't know where.  


On 08-25, Second Chance Meows wrote:

> WOW, I sit here and read all this about all these NEW places to
> take FeLV cats and get very scared... $7500???  for the life and i
> feel bad asking $500 for the lifetime and all we take are FeLV's.. 
> who are these people and where do they get off asking that much???
>  Michael Johnson
> Founder/Owner
> Second Chance Meows
> A FeLV Sanctuary

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