Sherry, don't give up and don't stop fighting! Several months ago, I found a 
beautiful Calico kitten in the alley. She was very sick and is FELV
positive. After 5 days at the vet with antibiotics and IV's,the vet let her go 
home but said that her blood work didn't look good and that her prognosis was 
poor.  I started her on the following:  2ML of DMG, 500 mg of Lysine and 1 Ml 
of Interferon. I put it into a needle-less syringe, shake it up, and squirt it 
into her mouth. The improvement in her has been dramatic. I took her to the vet 
last week and her blood work is Normal!
She is happy, eating well and playing. DMG ( 1 Ml is recommended but I give her 
2, can be purchased On-Line from Only Natural Pet Store. Lysine can be 
purchased at a Vitamin Store ( by capsules so you don't have to crush them.)  
Interferon can be ordered on-line by vet prescription- this is how I get mine. 
I can't promise anything but it is working for me and I have read that it has 
worked for others. Good luck! By the way, my kitten's name is Sarah.



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