My first FeLV kitty to die had the rear legs stop working and he was unable
to eliminate on his own.  They checked and it was not a clot, they believed
it to be a neurological problem.  Most cats with a clot are - as you
described - in a lot of pain.  With my boy there didn't seem to be any pain.
I have seen several others post about similar problems in FeLV cats, I guess
it is one of the things that can happen to them.


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Dr. Fox had a letter in his column recently from a lady whose cat suddenly
lost control of her back legs and was screaming constantly.  he said this
often happens expecially with older cats.  they develope a blood clot and it
lodges in the spie just before the hind legs, causing paralysis.  if you get
to the hospital fast enough, can remove/disolve the clot releaving the
painand paralysis.  not so with an older cat, they usually cnnot take the
anethesia.  dorlis
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