Along with LTCI, we also use Prednisolne. Our cats HCT stays within normal limits, from 9% to 42%

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on Autumn and the TCLI injection (Imulan).
When I brought her to the emergency center last Tuesday, she was
starting with respiratory distress and crying out. Her hematocrit was 4%. She was on her way out. She got the transfusion - they called me about 1/4 of the way through and told me they didn't think she'd make it. She did. Since she's been home, each day her energy is improving. I got the second injection of TCLI and administered it on Saturday. Everyday she's looking better. She's sitting up, walking and drinking independently. This may only be the effects of the transfusion, so I am holding off judgement for now. I will be getting a CBC this week to see what we're dealing with. In
the meantime, I am praying, and have her on Ambrotrose (a glycoprotein
supplement thought to help in the fight against felv), vitamin supplements
and intermittently transfer factor.  She hemolyzed (destroyed) many of
the red blood cells after the transfusion as she turned yellow (jaundice - secondary to breakdown of hemoglobin) but clinically her energy is improving
and her alertness returning.  I will keep you updated.

I pray that there is hope in this injection.  It seems to me that the
science is pretty sound. Most vets aren't aware of this product and have a lot of suspicion surrounding any treatment to felv+. It is reasonable since their vet school training told them it was a fatal and untreatable disease.
Most of us have experienced that first hand.

I had to search long and hard to find a vet that could help me, but if you call Imulan directly they are happy to talk with you or your vet. I have
nothing but good experiences with them so far.

We shall see, good luck everyone.


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After hearing about this product-I called our vet here in Sacramento and she agreed to order it for us. I want to try it because we lost the 4th kitty this morning-my son drove him to UC Davis emergency early this morning because he was struggling to breath and crying out. Out of the 5 kittens in the litter-Schatzi is the 4th brother to pass in 41/2 months-he just turned a year old this month- we even tried a transfusion that Jack had a reaction
to and was euthanized (over $1500). Buster, the first to die-screamed
out...Oni died in Corey's arms. I still have the sister, Rosie and another cat-Murphy, the tuxedo polydactyl that was dumped into the feral colony that the litter came from-he was positive also. So why do I want to try this product? I have HOPE that it may prolong Rosie and Murphy's lives- These 6 have been on antibiotics most of their lives-Finally now it's been a good month and a half without them, maybe we've turned a corner. We have upped them to Interferon 2x a day. When the FeLV switch gets tripped-they just crash so fast. If we can postpone it for months or years.....that's great. We are down to 2 cats left out of 6-we have cried rivers of tears, and spent over 6 grand-and we weren't "cat people" a year ago. How do we know it will work? We don't....but if we don't try, no one will know. What I do know is that Rosie is due to die soon-being from the same litter, she is due to crash with anemia like all her brothers. But I have HOPE, otherwise I should just euthanize the last 2 now and call it a day. Rosie and Murphy are racing up and down the hallway and up the cat trees right now-they are healthy (appearing), loving and happy. They are a year old-I think they deserve to
live longer. Alice, Rosie and Murphy
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