Hi, All, 


I'm new to this and not exactly sure how it works, but I
desperately need to speak personally to Jenny, who recently
posted about her FeLV kitty Autumn and her improvement with
the transfusion, Ambrotose and the Imulan injection (I
presume that's what it was).  I am treating one of my FeLV
boys right now who is not eating and has been hospitalized
for a few days with low lymphocyte count and mild anemia.
He came home yesterday after being on fluids for his fever
for several days at the vet.  He got his first LTCI
injection yesterday before he came home and he's a bit
feverish again and not eating.  My vet doesn't open again
until Tuesday and I am worried.  I am preparing to buy the
Acemannan, which I presume is a similar product to
Ambrotose, but I would really love to speak with Jenny about
the transfusion process and what Autumn's state was before
the transfusion and how she responded.  


I apologize if this is the wrong way to go about this but
again, this is all new to me.  My Lukey boy is my first FeLV
cat to become sick and it came up so suddenly that it has
thrown us for a loop.  We are beyond heart sick and
desperate to help me in any additional ways such as
transfusion, etc.   




Sally Jewell


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