Looks like the list is working.  

I have a question/info for you.  On the web site it talks about a number of
different treatments that have and are, being tried for feline leukemia.
One of those that looked especially encouraging is Staph Protein A.  My vet
had some from his vet school about 10 years ago and found that it really did
help with cases of anemia.  

I have done some looking and even though Staph Protein A is readily
available from a number of places, is not terribly expensive and does work,
you can't get it.  It is not approved as a treatment for any animal or
human, it is strictly for research only.  Pretty much that means unless you
are a legitimate biological researcher, they won't sell it to you.  It seems
a shame that there is a product with a known ability to help and we can't
get it.

If anyone on the list knows of a source for it, please contact me off list.

Gary gcru...@centurytel.net

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Hey all, 

I'm just testing the list since there hasn't been any activity 
since Monday. I hope no news is good news for everyone 
here. Please let me know if you're having any problems 
with the list. I'm always happy to assist. Best wishes to all.

James G. Wilson - phaed...@charter.net

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