We have our fingers crossed!! We arrived at our vet's office right after the 
shipment arrived. Rosie and Murphy had their exams and blood drawn for 
baselines-CBCs and their 3rd FeLV tests. We have previous tests from June 3rd 
this year also. Those tests showed that Murphy's levels were changing (similar 
to Schatzi's who just passed less than a month ago). We are really concerned 
for our last 2 cats because Rosie (tabby) is the only female of the litter of 
5-her 4 brothers have passed away in the last 5 months from severe anemia. She 
has just turned a year old last month-she insists on a game of fetch several 
times a day with her lamb's wool mouse. (she has plucked most of the wool 
off and I can't find another one.) Murphy is a semi long haired, polydactyl, 
tuxedo boy with 7 toes on each front foot and a spare on each hind foot-He was 
dumped into the feral colony that Rosie and her brothers came from. He is the 
sweetest boy, so playful and just wants to
 hang out with you-he follows you around like a dog. He looks like he 
has Ov-Gloves on! Anyway-this disease seems like a switch is flipped on and 
there is nothing we can do to save them-we are hoping that using this product 
before the symptoms of anemia appear will give us some chance of them surviving 
for a long time. Maybe by taking a proactive approach we will be able to turn 
the odds a little. We are beginning with one injection a week for a month, then 
every two weeks...to once a month. Blood will be drawn every two weeks at 
first. We had the first injections at the vet's office today (the tech 
did Murphy's and she watched while I gave Rosie's). I will be giving the 
remaining 8 doses at home to save costs. We'll have the blood test results back 
Monday. Say a little prayer for us.
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