GREAT NEWS re Autumn!!
Thank-you God and Jenny!

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Hey everybody,

I am so glad to hear all the positive things in the world of cat health
going on in this group.

Autumn is doing great.  She is eating independently (and everyday a little
bit more - in fact last night I had pizza and had to practically fight her
off for the cheese.)  Her energy level continues to improve - such that she
is running after string again.  She is still less than energetic than she
was before all this started, but she continues to improve.  So I am grateful
to God, the LTCI injections and ambrotose.  I am afraid I did not have the
opportunity to get a CBC on her this weekend but I plan to shortly and will
let you all know the results.

I am glad to hear Lil bit is doing well and I hope lukey is improving as

You are a great group of people with big hearts and I am so happy to know
the world has people like you in it.

God bless and I'll continue to keep you updated.

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