Has anyone been able to obtain or use Baypamun for FeLV?

Sally Jewell

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> Dear Michael, Congratulations for your old kitty and
thanks for
> your
> sanctuary.
> Actually vets recommend me to put xana under  low dose of
> interferon (via
> oral)  ... they do not agree if human alfa or feline omega
some of
> them say
> one some of them the other...
> *Can you, please, give some advice aboud side effects??*
> You can be sure Xana has all my love. The problem is that
> actually she is
> not living with me. My home is a sort of urban shelter
where live
> 24... too
> much cats... too much riscs... Xana needs a clean and
> environment... A
> friend gave me the opportunity,  Xana is living in her
> She has
> to go to work, and so do I...  So, Xana is alone all the
day... I go
> as
> often as I can... 1-2 times daily... I spend with Xana 2-3
> every
> night... unfortunately she can not sleep with me... I must
> home, when
> others need me too...
> Speedy (my oldest baby) will be 20 y.o. He is at the end
of his
> life... with
> CRF, IBD... I want to care him until the end
> Best regards,
> Esther
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