Not sure how all TNR individuals or groups handle the situation of FIV and/or 
FeLV+ colony members.  I'm on the Feral Cat group.  Most TNR is done by 
individuals or small groups.  

TNR = Trap, Neuter, Release

Since the plan is to release the cat back to its original colony/location, very 
few folks test for FIV or FeLV.  To be frank they can't afford the test and the 
results would not change the outcome.  

Usually only kittens being placed for adoption are tested.  Unfortunately, if 
they test positive, adoption is out and many of these kittens are PTS if a 
forever home can not be found.  They have become too socialized to release 
outside again.

Again this info is based on what I read on the Feral Cat board.  My personal 
experience has been to keep 6 of the FeLV+ I rescued and release 2.  The 6 were 
small kittens.  The 2 were year old cats.  To be honest I stopped testing.  I 
couldn't afford to test every cat I was TNRing.  And I had reached my limit on 
the no. of cats I could bring inside.  No way could I ever PTS a cat simply 
because they tested positive. 

The score so far is I still have 2 of the 6.  They are just over 2 yrs old.  1 
of the 2 I released is still going strong.  Mae passed away this summer. 

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> i'm also unclear about how his statements work for TNR: the
> article mentions
> how many groups no longer test; but it sounds as if a
> colony shows up with a
> FeLV member, and FIV members, that the FIVs won't be
> returned to the colony?
> or will the FeLVs--the low percentage in well-managed
> colonies, as noted--be
> taken out and killed?
> MC


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