Amanda, I am so sorry that Tora has left you. It sounds like you gave him
lots of peace and love during his final days. Gentle Bridge vibes to him and
to his father. I'm sure they're grateful for each other's company now. Hugs
to you.

Diane R. 

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Hello everyone, With a heavy heart I have come to tell you that our beloved
1 1/2 year old FeLV/ lymphoma cat has died.
 He died peacefull at home last night... He was put on steriods 3 months ago
to help him be able to eat because of the big lymphoma in his chest,, he did
well for 2 months.. but last month the lymphoma wouldn't respond to it
anymore and we tried elspar injection but it didn't help either.. and
luckily didn't effect Tora in a bad way too.. the only thing that helped
Tora live the last 3 weeks as comfortabley as he could was himself knowong
that he couldn't eat normal amounts of food anymore.. the first few days he
was still determined to eat and would vomit it right back again :(  so he
learned that he couldn't eat like that anymore and accepted to eat in small
ammounts and always minced raw chicken and some liver.. he would stil go out
and sometimes bat at an insect but mostly he just sat arround and watched
our other cats..the last week he had gone off the chicken and only eat egg
yolks or chicken intestines...which Japanese often give their pets..
The last 3 weeks is was on no meds and had no vet visits and no sub fluids
and I can honestly say that his last days were quite comfortable compared to
mt other cats who had been pumped up with fluids and drugs :( so I am
pleased with that and pleased that he didn't have to get stressed out at the
The day before yesterday he seemed a little better (he was only on fermented
turmeric the last 3 weeks too) he scratched at the cat board and begged more
food and jsut seemed happy.. but I kind of know taht the end was near as he
was so skinny...>> i wonder if anyone knows why cats and humans sometimes
look and feel better a couple of days before they die??
Yesterday Tora didn't want his breakfast, at about 10a.m he licked some egg
yolk only... and after that wouldn't accept anything.. so I knew then too
that the end was near and didn't force anything on him..... last night he
tried to climb the stairs which he did everynight but could only make it
half way, and laid down in his side on the widest stair... I went to sleep
at 11 and tickled his chin.. but this time he didn't want to be touched...
so I stroked him and told him that I loved him and went to bed, this morning
I found him on the same stair , he had died dueing the night.. he never
cried out and he looked very peaceful....... I am glad that I resisted and
didn't take him to the vets those last weeks.. as I have gobe through this 3
times now.. I know in the last stage nothing can help..... my other cats
suffered terribley the last days but Tora showed no sign of big pain.. only
last day he seemed more tired.....
  We will miss him so much though and it is really sad that he ahd to get
FeLV  :(
 Also last week his father died, the neighbours black cat.... yes I was so
surprised he suddenly got some form of skin disease and had fleas and mites
too and his face was swollen from the itching, he had lost almost all his
fur arround his face and chest.. the owners only took him to the vets at the
last minute and they said he couldn't be cured.. I am wondering if he had
some food allergy and or virus or something.. I do wonder taht if they had
cared more he could have lived longer... but I didn't get angry with them,,
I just said they did their best and their cat was happy lol the happy terror
of the neighbourhood!!   he was sweet his last days and would often come
here and sit on the chair outside...although he was a terror, it wasn't his
fault and I think in the ned we forgave each other :)
I am glad that Tora wont be alone in Heaven....
Thankyou all as always for all your advice and help over the past year.. I
love you all hugs and purrs Amanda and cats.
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