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Just a note to let you know I agree with what you wrote. I have 
seen people put their cats through all sorts of painful, invasive
proceedures, and use numerous powerful drugs which make the cats
sicker than they are already, when there is no hope for a cure.  In
my opinion this only prolongs the life of a cat, and I feel it causes 
the poor animal to suffer longer than it should.

It breaks my heart to see what some owners put their cats through.  
I wouldn't want to be kept alive if I was suffering from something

I also have FelV cats who live in a two large cageless rooms in
my cat sanctuary, which is a 2,000 sq foot building I bought as
a cat shelter.  I do not give them any drugs like interferon, I
only give them antibiotics if they come down with a URI or have
any other condition which requires veterinary treatment. As long
as they respond to the treatment I know they will have a few more
good months or years before FelV eventually claims them.  

Thank you for asking people in the group to look into their hearts
to see if these treatments are for the cat or for themselves because
they want to keep the cat alive no matter what it has to endure. 


On 09-29, Second Chance Meows wrote:

> my suggestion is to do some research on it.  Interferon is used to
> fight forms of cancer, and is considered to be chemo. side effects
> include: loss of weight, nausea, hair loss, heart issues, pain,
> chills,temperature, and many others. I know your talking about low
> doses of it but anything that is placed into these little bodies
> that has the power to kill not only the bad cells BUT THE GOOD ONES
> TOO can not be good for them.  their systems are compromised
> already. JUST MY OPINION..... before you make the decision to give
> this to the cat...look into your own heart and ask is this for the
> cat..or for yourself?  will this really improve the quality of its
> life or just prolong the agony its going thru or create more agony,
> stress for it?
>  Michael Johnson
> Founder/Owner
> Second Chance Meows
> A FeLV Sanctuary

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