Hi, all. I used to belong to this group a few years ago when my positives were 
still alive-- we lost Patches, the last of them, last September at the age of 8 
or 9. 

?I am writing to beg your help finding a home for an incredible positive cat 
who is currently living outside. I started a Trap-Neuter-Return project in my 
town a few months ago and we are trapping at a large apartment complex. Tonight 
a tenant showed me an extremely gorgeous and affectionate cat who lives outside 
her building. She and her neighbor feed him. Apparently he was abandoned a 
couple years ago when a tenant moved out. Another tenant took him in got him 
tested and he tested FeLV+. That tenant then moved out and reabandoned him. One 
of the tenants who currently feeds him can't take him in because she lives in a 
small apartment with negative cats. The other has no cats and takes him in for 
a night now and then in the winter, but will not keep him because he howls to 
go back outside. I am sure he would get over that in a few weeks, and don't 
think he should be outside another winter with his immune-compromised condition 
(not to mention that there are other cats? there and some people in the complex 
have complained about their cats getting out and coming back FeLV+). 

Would you consider taking this cat, or do you know someone who might? I will 
try to get a picture of him. He's a really great cat-- the type of cat you meet 
and immediately think "what a great cat!" Very personable. 

My house is currently full of negatives, both my own and fosters, and is 
divided into 4 areas with animals that can't meet, so I have nowhere to put him 
myself. I have use of a retired boarder's kennel for short-term holds, and can 
put him there temporarily, though I hate to stress him out by caging him. 

Will appreciate any help you can give finding this boy a home.

Michelle Lerner
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