Impressive vet.  Yes, there has been some varied opinions about it.  
But I'd put her on oral Interferon - a very low dose. I think 30 units 
is a standard for adult cats so would ask the vet how much she thinks - 
c ertainly lower than an adult dose.


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 >I have a little 4.5 mo. old black kitten rescued as a stray who tests 
FeLV+ on a snap test. They won't do an IFA until he's been separated 
for three months (he lives in my bathroom currently), "9 mos. old would 
be better."

My vet is recommending we put the kitten on Interferon *now,* that she 
has had good results with it (she has an FIV kitty of her own who she 
allows to mix with her negative 5 kitties).  She thinks it could help 
him with quality of life down the road.

What do you guys think?  I've seen some conversation on this list 
previously, but hadn't paid much attention to it because I didn't think 
I'd be in this position, at least not this soon.


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