i have been on this site for at least 1 year, and  think our people are willing 
to do what is necessary , but sometimes available funds are not there for the 
needed treatment and we have to make that hard decision.  also, sometimes we 
have to stop and think about what is best for them.  when my holding on to them 
and putting them thru painful treatments hurts them more than helps, it is time 
to stop.  i had to make a decision for Shorty when he was having series 
strokes.  he was 18 and the possibility of helping him was not there.  he was 
screaming in pain and the kindest thing i could do for him was end his life.  
if you have never driven 60 miles at 90 miles a hour, lights flashing, trying 
to get to the vet er with him screaming all the way, it is may be hard to 
understand why i pts my precious boy.  i did not get a ticket because i called 
911 when i started out and told them the situation and they advised all law 
enforcement on my route.  several highway patrol cars flashed their lights at 
me and the last one escorted me to the vet because i was now in a city.  same 
situation with Shadow.  he had a clot on his spine and screamed all the way to 
Columbia (about 200 miles ).  he was also 18 and trying to do surgery at that 
age would have been more than he could take, plus it had been too long for him 
to regain use of his legs and bladder.  i could not see making him continue 
that way.  dorlis
---- Alice Flowers <aliceflow...@sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> Finally a voice of reason and kindness...Can I afford to treat this way? No-I 
> could have paid my 5 yr old car off in the last year's vet bills and I 
> wouldn't be behind in my mortgage. Maybe it's menopause or empty nest 
> syndrome...But I had a few yard sales, bought enough hay for my old horses 
> for the winter. I still need to get some more Rimadyl for my arthritic dogs. 
> I am still selling off stuff I don't need. I live at Walmart, BigLots and the 
> dollar store, but I get top stuff for the cats and dogs to eat.I take peanut 
> butter and jelly every day for lunch. I just so desperately want the last 2 
> to live...but if they were getting sick from the Interferon, I'd stop in a 
> heartbeat-they come over and wait to take it. Giving antibiotics was a bigger 
> hassle when they had URIs and Bartonella...Treating for ear mites was a pain 
> too, but I did it-I guess I shouldn't have? If the Imulan proves to be a good 
> treatment and enough vets use it-the price will
>  eventually go down. I save money by doing the injections at home. I work 
> full time, but I may have to go back to sewing in my spare time. I try and 
> help with TNRing the ferals with a local group, network and donate food and 
> litter to  individual rescuers. Seems like the people willing to do the 
> most-have the least. I just don't understand why people who  are so adamantly 
>  against all the things this site promotes seem to ger off on bashing the 
> people who are getting information from this site on treating their sick 
> pets. Perhaps they can get the owners of this site to change their "Mission 
> Statement".
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