I haven't posted much since Grrr was diagnosed back in the spring, but I have 
been reading and learning.  
Sadly, my big nasty boy stopped eating a couple of weeks ago.  He spent a week 
at the vets receiving fluids which perked him up a bit, but he would 
deteriorate quickly when the IV was stopped.  My husband and I spent a long 
time with him on Monday evening, and he made it plain to us that he was tired 
and ready to go.  We stayed with him while he was sent to sleep, and true to 
his nature he bit the vet and myself one more time for good measure on the way 
out.  It sounds a little twisted, but none of us could stop laughing about that 
in the moments after he was gone- wiping away tears all the while.  It was as 
if he was talking to us- "I'm ready to go; thanks for the good times, and don't 
you ever forget who the boss is here, you jerks!"We should all be lucky enough 
to have our parting message be heard so clearly by our loved ones.
We miss his big nasty self around here.  The dog and the other cats have been 
walking on egg shells, testing their new limits carefully, as if they expect 
him to pop around a corner at any second and reestablish his dominance.  The 
other cats still will not go near his bed or food dish.  The dog, who weighs 
140 lbs., still will not enter Grrr's favorite room.  Even in absentia he is 
To all of you who contribute to this list, thank you so very much.  I have no 
doubt that the knowledge I gained here added time and quality to Grrr's life, 
and I've shared much of what I've learned with my vet, who has been eagerly 
absorbing the information; other FeLV+ cats in my area will benefit from my 
experience with Grrr.
Thanks again all.  Sleep easy, my good boy.  We miss you more than words can 
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