Hi Crystal,

Are you far from Cornell University in NY?  I recently took my cat to see an 
internal med there and have been incredibly pleased with her knowledge and 
compassion.  She is the only one who has not given up on my leuk positive cat.  
I'd be happy to send you her name if it's a trip that you could make.


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> Hi Diane-
> I am not sure how much my vet knows about FeLV.  I am very
> thankful and grateful to have her help.  She is very busy
> and always listens to my constant questions.  However, she
> keeps telling me that its the FeLV running its course and
> there's nothing I can do.  However, I've been reading
> everyone's messages on here and it seems sometimes there is
> something you can do so I am trying to get as much
> information as possible.  I emailed two other vets
> yesterday that are 2 hours away to see if they are
> specialists on it.  I live in NW PA and I'm finding it
> difficult to find any vet that has dealt with it a lot.  I
> am laid off right now but if I have to scrape my pennies
> together and eat spaghetti for a month, I will.  She did
> tell me that sometimes kittens can convert to negative but
> since Nibbler had such problems already it didn't look good
> for him.  I am still trying everything to get him out of
> the slump and get some weight on him and maybe he can
>  be as big and "healthy" as his 2 FelV + brothers.
> Crystal
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> Diane Rosenfeldt
> Wed, 18 Nov 2009 15:41:47 -0800
> Hi, Crystal --
> You'll get some great advice on this list. You guys are
> great for taking on
> this problem. I'm sorry Nibbler isn't doing so well. I
> guess my first (and
> only -- there are many more experienced people on this list
> to ask the
> others) question is how confident are you that your vet is
> up to speed on
> FeLV? That's kind of crucial here so that Nibbler gets the
> most
> knowledgeable care. Did your vet tell you that sometimes
> kittens convert to
> negative once their immune systems develop, and do you know
> if this is still
> an option for yours? 
> Best of luck and good vibes for Nibbler and the rest.
> Diane R. 
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Kitten Problems - Please Help
> Hi, my name is Crystal.  My husband and I rescued three
> kittens that were 4
> weeks old at the time, (now 14 weeks), from an old
> building.  We tamed them
> as well.  About 6 weeks ago we found out that they were
> all FELV positive. 
> Two of them are fine and doing great.  The runt, Nibbler,
> isnt.  Hes been
> on antibiotics to try and get rid of his constant runny
> eyes and nose…we had
> to stop them about 2 weeks ago because he has bloody
> diarrhea.  He is very
> symptomatic and my vet says the disease is just running its
> course and has
> run out if suggestions for me.  Hes also half the size of
> his brothers. 
> However, I was hoping someone here might have some help for
> me because I
> dont want to give up on him.  Heres my list… He has
> severe diarrhea. 
> Today it seems to be much more watery and blood.  I have
> been given him
> yogurt, acidophilus, and Purina Forta Flora.  He was
> getting boiled chicken,
> but will only eat canned cat food now.  Hes also been
> wormed.
> He has a constant runny eyes and nose.  He gets L-Lysine,
> B Vitamin Complex,
> and Ginger Root.
> Also, from the diarrhea he is very anemic so he gets Pet
> Tinic.
> He still runs and tries to get into rooms hes not supposed
> to and gets on
> my chest and purrs in my face.  Hes my baby.
> Please and help and prayers would be appreciated.
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