For those of you who saw my earlier post about my kitten
Angelica and have wondered how vitamin C could have possibly
saved her from FIP, I thought that perhaps the information
below would help to explain it and convince others to try
this highly effective and completely benign treatment for
infections and viruses in their own cats.  


According to the pioneer in vitamin C research Dr. Fred
Klenner, vitamin C intravenously works as an oxidizing agent
in massive amounts, i.e., 5-150 grams, for certain
pathological conditions), and neutralizes toxins, viruses
and histamine.  The more serious the condition, the more C
is required.  


The ascorbic acid enters all cells and proceeds to take up
the protein coats being manufactured by the virus nucleic
acid, thus preventing the assembly of new virus units.
Cells expand, rupture and die, but there are no virus
particles available to enter and infect new cells. If a
virus has invaded a cell, the Vitamin C contributes to its
breakdown to adenosine deaminase, which converts adenosine
to inosine. Purines are formed which are catabolized (broken
down) and cannot be used to make more virus nucleic acid.  


Viral nucleic acid has a protein coat which protects this
parasite as it rides the blood or lymph highway to gain
specific cell entry. It is possible that if the ascorbic
acid can remove that protective protein coat in the blood
stream or in the cells, the white cell phagocytes and immune
globulin could then neutralize these vulnerable virus


Ascorbic acid also joins with the available virus protein,
making a new macromolecule which acts as the repressor
factor (interferon?) and multiplication of new virus bodies
is inhibited.


Anyway, Angelica is home tonight - no fever, eating like a
pig, and playing with her remaining brother Tommy.  Today
was her last drip and tonight you would never know she had
been sick.  FINALLY with the help of my progressive and most
helpful vet  were able to save one of our cats thanks to the
miracle of vitamin C! If only I had gotten Chuckie on the
drip sooner he would likely still be alive.  


It breaks my heart to see my remaining two kittens playing
together now without Chuckie, though I will always smile and
think of him when I look at our miracle girl Angelica, for
he paid the ultimate price to save his sister.  Because of
Chuckie I knew just what to do and what NOT to do to save
Angelica, so he did not die in vain.  


Anyway, I thought this might help clarify why and how the
intravenous vitamin C works on these viruses and pathogens.
Few cats ever survive FIP but thanks to Wendell Belfield,
DVM,  Linus Pauling and the great vitamin C pioneers before
them, mine did, and I will be forever grateful.  :-)   If
you need more information or have questions about Angelica's
treatment, feel free to ask.  




Sally Snyder Jewell

Tower Laboratories Corporation


Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the
Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, by Owen Fonorow and
Sally Snyder Jewell


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