We did LTCI and Interferon at the same time. As of today, Gray Kitty is now FeLV negative. We now deal with anemia and he is on a high dosage of Prednisolone. Through intensive research, we are going to try a new drug we are hoping will cure the anemia. The high dosage of Pred does bring his numbers high again, however, has other side effects with long term use.

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Hi Lance,

Thanks for all the info. I'm familiar with LTCI but not as much with some of the others you mention. I definitely plan to ask the internal med at Cornell to look into these. We are definitely considering LTCI but the pred is the sticky part. Neither one of us want to take him off of the pred for something that has no research backing up that it works. She read all the research and had several others review it. They all agreed the science sounds reasonable but there are just so many problems with the paper. I have yet to read it myself but plan to. That is probably the one option I'm leaning towards.

I also heard Neupogen mentioned somewhere and plan to ask her about that one.


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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] WBC/RBC/platelet count decreasing
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Date: Monday, November 23, 2009, 11:08 PM
Hi Amy,

I'm sorry to hear about Wolfie. I don't have most of my
email handy, so
I can't look back at what you've written. Have you tried
What about Liquid DMG? These are affordable supplements,
and they *seem*
to have helped in the case of my FeLV+ girl, Ember. DMG
*seems* to have little possibility of any negative
consequences. When
I've seen wbc issues in Ember, I've *seemingly* reversed
some losses
with these supplements. Please note how I use the word

Neupogen might be an option. It's something I'm keeping in
but I don't know much about it, other than it helps with
wbc generation.
I believe some folks have used ImmunoRegulin in similar
situations to
and had good results. Maybe the archives will shed some
light on that.
And I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Epogen helping
in non-regen
anemia, though that makes absolutely no sense. Again, the
archives will
hopefully help.

LTCI might help with wbc generation. I'm seeing lots of
mention of it
on the list, but I'm very leery of it. We FeLV+ caregivers
are so eager
for anything that might help, but the marketing Immulan has
engaged in
has been questionable. Of course, that doesn't mean that it
but the company haven't done enough proper tests to provide
that their product works. It's good that we're getting
on the list, but that only goes so far.

Finally, I wonder if Pet Tinic might not help the rbc that
Wolfie is
to produce. It's really just nutrients and nothing terribly
mainly iron, I think.

Obviously, when it comes to any of these options, please
consult your

My hopes and prayers for Wolfie's health, and for your
ability to find
something that might help his blood counts.


On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 19:01 -0800, "Amy" <awilkin...@yahoo.com>
I've posted before about my cat Wolfie.  He's 7
years old and has been
losing weight for the past 4 years.  His HCT is
also down (currently 25).
  We've treated for hemobart and retested and he's
now negative (was
positive before).  He has started gaining weight
and has put on a pound
but I'm sure the leukemia is in his bone marrow.
He's been tested and
has non-regenerative anemia.  He's been stable
for a few months but his
WBC, RBC, and platelet counts are all gradually
declining.  I was
expecting him to crash when I got the confirmation of
anemia but he's holding his own.  I was told he's
probably making red
blood cells in his liver or spleen, just no longer in
the bone marrow.

Has anybody ever had luck with LTCI or any of the
other things mentioned
once it has gotten to this point?  I've done all
sorts of testing for
digestive issues, lymphoma, IBD, etc.  We have
made a couple trips to
Cornell and decided to just keep him on pred and
monitor trends for now.
I keep hoping for some miracle but I know the
prognosis is not good.


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