Hideyo Yamamoto, a former longstanding and incredibly hard-working member of 
the list, has today sent word of an emergency situation in Albuquerque, NM: a 
close friend of Hideyo's, and fellow cat rescuer, has passed away suddenly and 
tragically at age 50, leaving behind 150 cats she took care of that now need 
homes. I believe Hideyo and the rescue group this person worked with have
been able to temporarily place 30 since yesterday, leaving approx 120 to place. 
 The cats are in good
health, but there are some semi-ferals.
If you or anyone you know can help, please contact Hideyo directly:

email: hideyo.yamam...@msn.com
cell phone: 505-227-6293
If possible, she prefers that people contact her by cell phone as she's not 
able to check her computer often.  
Thanks very much.
Kerry MacKenzie

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