Hello Anna,  you are so right, pay attention .   that is most important.  half 
of the world's problems could be averted if only people paid attention to 
others and listened to what they are trying to communicate to us.  
---- Anna Waltman <anna.walt...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi Tracy,
> My vocal 1 1/2 year old positive female, Sylvia, sometimes changes her voice
> when she's not feeling well. It drops into a lower register and gets
> scratchy, like she has laryngitis. She's spayed. Most of the time she's got
> a fairly melodic, medium-pitched meow-- that scratchy voice is what
> originally led me to take her to the vet, who tested her for FLV (her third
> time being tested)...and she came up positive.
> Since then, she's only had that voice change one time, and it was when she
> caught a cold from my other (so far negative) kitten, Beatrice. She
> recovered quickly and the meow went back to normal.
> Cats have a million different ways of communicating with us; this is just
> one way Sylvia tells me she's feeling unwell. She also follows me around
> more often, begging for attention, and gets irritable with Beatrice (hisses,
> etc). So pay attention to your girl-- if she's still scratchy as she comes
> out of heat, pay close attention to her and take her to the vet if something
> doesn't seem right. Follow your instincts and pay close attention to hers.
> You'll get wonderful advice on this forum. They're a wealth of information
> and have been incredibly helpful to me.
> All my best to you and your kittycat!
> Cheers,
> Anna
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> Hello!  I am new here!  I have a 1 1/2 year old blind FLV cat.  Two
> days ago, she started to have an odd scratchy sounding meow.  She also
> went into heat about the same time.  She is eating and playing
> normally.  Her meow just suddenly changed and sounds raspy, almost
> like a parrot.
> This is my first experience with a FLV cat.  She is not on any type of
> vitamins, she is just like all the other cats, until she started with
> this weird meow.  When she went in originally for her eye enucleation,
> the vet just said she would be more susceptible to infections and that
> she would not live long.
> Can someone help me?  Any other signs I should look for?  She seems
> normal otherwise but I am such a hyphochondriac for myself and my
> animals!  I just want to know if anyone else has experienced meow
> changes....
> Thanks in advance!
> --
> Tracy
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