PETA is terrible.  I donated to them for years before I found
out what they do to feral cats.   I've horror stories about how
they are out to exterminate all the feral cats they can. When
I heard about the things they do to cats I e-mailed them and
they admitted it.  They said the cats were killed to spare them
any suffering in the future!!

I'm so sorry you had this happen to Smokey Jo and Butterball.
I know you must feel just terrible about it.


On 12-03, Sharyl wrote:

> Thnksgiving Day I finally trapped Smoky Jo in the dumpster colony I
> feed.  Then Sunday I trapped Butterball.  A new group is organizing
> here on the Eastern Shore to help with low cost speutering of
> ferals.  Wed. the PETA SNIPS van came to speuter pets ($45) and
> ferals (#25).  I took Smokey Jo and Butterball.  My other low cost
> speutering place had fallen through and the only other option is
> $200 per cat at the animal hospital.
> I knew PETA sucks but had no idea how bad.  The release form I
> signed said they could kill any animal testing positive for FeLV or
> FIV.  I explained to the vet I would sanctuary them if they tested
> positive in my garage/cat enclosure.  She checked with her
> supervisor and told me no exceptions.  I should have left then but
> both of mine seemed healthy.  When I went to pick them up I found
> out they had killed both Smoky Jo and Butterball!! I am devastated.
> PETA has a real problem with feral cats. The only way they'll let
> their van spay/neuter ferals is if all who test positive for FeLV
> or FIV are killed.  PETA's way of exterminating ferals I guess.
> Smoky Jo tested positive for FeLV and Butterball for FIV. What
> really burns me is the SNAP test used is not 100% for FeLV. Don't
> know about FIV.  But FIV is generally spread by deep bites.  Once
> Butterball was fixed he wouldn't be fighting anymore.  Just PETA's
> way of 'thinning the herd' I guess.  Then they kept my money.
> Needless to say I won't be going back unless I find a way around
> the PETA policy. The Spay the Shore guy is going to try and find a
> vet to pre-test any future ferals I trap. Then if they are positive
> for either I'll have to find some other way to have them fixed.
> I'm broken hearted. Those two kitties trusted me to do right by
> them. Neither was ill. And now they are gone. It rained all the way
> home. Almost like the heavens were crying with me for them.
> Please consider what PETA stands for before donating any money to
> them. Sharyl

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