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It's over, folks. A North Carolina jury has acquitted two PETA employees of 
Animal Cruelty and Obtaining Property By False Pretenses. Guilty verdicts were 
handed down for Littering, in connection with PETA employees Adria Hinkle and 
Andrew Cook's improper disposal of their furry victims' bodies. Hinkle and Cook 
were each given suspended 10-day jail sentences, 12 months' probation, 50 hours 
of community service, a $1,000 fine, and nearly $3,000 in restitution. And 
PETA's "death van" has been confiscated by the town of Ahoskie, NC. PETA will 
undoubtedly launch a legal appeal. 

While we certainly didn't see these "Not Guilty" verdicts coming, we'll give 
PETA's highly paid lawyers credit for blowing enough smoke and sowing enough 
confusion to confuse a jury. (That's their job, after all.) But it has now been 
established in court that PETA, in fact, kills animals. Inevitably, more and 
more of PETA's naïve supporters will get a clue. 

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> What was their reason for this/ did
> they give one? 
> Unconscionable act.
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> well, actually, as some folks have hinted at, they are just
> as bad about
> household cats as they are about ferals.
> these folks are NOT friends to animals--anyone have links
> to the VA case
> where they were taking adoptables from shelters, supposedly
> to adopt them
> out, then euthing them in the back of their van--and
> leaving the bodies in
> shopping mall dumpsters? i think the only thing they ended
> up convicted of
> was possession of drugs without a license or something
> similar, as animals
> are just property, after all, with no intrinsic value.
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