My vet believes the first shot and booster for FeLV are sufficient. I do not
vaccinate for FELV anymore (after the first shot and booster). I also have
only FeLV- cats (as far as I know).

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I give my cats their basic PCRC shots and rabies shots every three
years but I just started giving my FelV negative cats the FelV
shots.  I'd like an opinion from all of you as to whether a booster
is necessary once a year for the FelV shot.  I have no FelV cats
at home that I know of.  All 14 cats were tested when I took them
in but it's too expensive to retest them every year.


On 12-03, Sharyl wrote:

> Crystal, all 8 of my positive kittens received their shots and were
> spayed/neutered with no ill affects.  Fixing the boys will reduce
> the stress in their lives.  I follow the new shot protocol.  After
> their 1st yr shots mine get boosters every three years.  They do to
> the vet annually for a check up. Good Luck Sharyl

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