PETA does not object to people having pets (owned pet kept inside).
They object to people feeding strays or ferals.  They round up all
the strays and ferals they can and euthanize them. They also take
cats from animal shelters and euthanize them.

How absolutely infuriating that they ignored your e-mail and had
the audacity to request a donation!

On 12-06, wrote:

> i sent my angry email and got a request for money from them.  they
> totally ignored my question. ---- Diane Rosenfeldt
> <> wrote:

> > Aren't they vehemently opposed to any "pet ownership" at all? But
> > I simply don't get why they would consider this treatment
> > "ethical" -- nor how they can justify killing animals by saying
> > they're saving them from "future" suffering that might never
> > happen -- and in Sharyl's case, would NOT have happened. These
> > people need slapping down.
> > 
> > Diane R.
> > 

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