We had great luck calming PTSD-type anxiety in our cat Patches with small daily 
doses of Benadry. The vet told us the amount to give (I think it was 1/6 of a 
pill twice a day?) but she did not like getting pilled, which added to her 
stress, so we got the vet to call in a prescription to a compounding pharmacy 
for a transdermal dosing of it-- they put it into tubes and we rubbed one unit 
into the skin of the inside of her ear twice a day. We used it for about 6 
years. It was like night and day. Before, she licked her stomach bald, went 
after all the other cats, and ran around crying like someone was after her (no 
one was). With the benadryl she was a happy, normal cat and all her stomach fur 
grew in. If we ever forgot a dose, she started reverting to anxious behaviors. 
It did not make her drowsy-- she played all the time and was quite perky and 
cheerful. I would recommend trying this over prozac or elevil any day.

Do not buy benadryl cream to do this with-- it's totally different. you need to 
either give the correct dosing (ask your vet) of oral benadryl in pill form, or 
get oral benadryl compounded into a transdermal cream.

Michelle L.
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