My opinion: It is very important to have the vet keep females (especially) after being spayed. I had two wonderful little girls spayed by two different vets. Both girls died three days afterwards. They were not related and the only known common factor was that they were dumped and came to the pine thicket behind my Mom's (the source of lots of ferals and several now inside cats). Now, I tell the vet straight up that I will not pick a female up for at least four days after surgery. I don't care if it costs me extra cash...I can't handle a repeat. They died within a very few months of each other. Frankly, I would rather let a male stay a couple of days too. Releasing a cat who is not up to par into a colony is just not what I want to, experience, learn. Further, I don't permit the vets to vaccinate against everything at the same time as surgery and I have been blessed to find vets who understand that the cats I bring in are stressed and not from the best environments....they don't need a lot of additional stressors.
On Dec 9, 2009, at 6:22 PM, Crystal Proper wrote:

Hmmm, maybe I will rethink the sanctuary idea. I don't want them to live a horrible life. Plus all the places I have contacted are full. I have an appointment to get the female fixed on the 22nd...a few days before that I have to start trying to catch her. I am getting a live trap. Shes friendly but you can't pick her up and put her in a cage. I am hoping they will keep her over the holiday to observe her and let her heal before I let her go back outside. I dont think its my place to make the choice to end her life...or the male cats life either. There are several people that care for them and feed them and its only those two cats that live there. I think I will just get them both fixed to prevent kittens and continue on with what we do.


Frank & Sue Koren
Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:56:03 -0800
Is 10th life the sanctuary that was supposedly researching snake venom about two years ago?
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I couldn't agree more...having just found out that the 'sanctuary' one of my feral fosters was taken to has been closed down by law enforcement...I drove down there the day after Thanksgiving to find her and bring her back....let me just add that this place looked great online....but I saw with my own eyes that there ARE 'fates worse than death'.....please be cautious....
Debbie (COL)
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"  Philo

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 13:33:09 -0800
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Also, be very careful about so-called "sanctuaries." You really need to visit them personally to be sure they are decent places. So many seem to crash and burn amid allegations of abuse and neglect.
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We have trapped two large groups. In
each group one was FeLV+. None of the
others were. The asymptomatic FeLV was returned to the
colony. The other guy
was very sick so he was euthanized. Someone on this list
had a negative
living with a group of positives for about 6 years. He
never tested
Lie to the vet. Tell the vet you will keep the cats inside
and separate. Not
the vet's decision. Yours.

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Have all the other outside cats been tested?  How long
have they been living
with that group of cats?

We have an feLV+ cat who has lived outside at our house for
at least 4 years
now.  She and a small feral colony came with the
house.  Last year I tested
her best buddy because I thought I might have a home for
him and he was
negative.  So it really isn't that transmissible
within a healthy adult

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From: Crystal Proper <>
Subject: [Felvtalk] PA or OH FeLV+ Cat Sanctuaries
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 12:52 PM
Hi everyone.  Anyone know of any cat
sanctuaries in PA or OH for FeLV+ cats.  The mother
father cats of my kittens are semi-feral and not
fixed.  I
went to the vet today to make appointments to get them
and they want me to euthanize them instead to protect
cats.  However, I don't think I can do that because
aren't but I don't want any other outside cats to get
sick.  Any info would be appreciated!  Thanks -

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