It sounds like he had a great last day, and a good passing. Gentlest of
Bridge vibes to Will.

Diane R. 

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Thank you Diane.  He had a nice last day, ate a little, begged for a piece
of bread crust from my sandwich, batted it around a couple of times and then
fetched it and dropped it at my feet so I would throw it.  Sat with his
brothers and sisters while they played with a string my mom dangled at them.
 He was so good I started panicking that it wasn't time, but once his little
bit of energy was used up he lay back down on the steps and was breathing
heavy, lots of side movement and seemed uncomfortable.  I decided to keep
our afternoon appointment.  They left us alone for a few minutes in the exam
room, I had his favorite "nursing" blanket on my lap, but he was nervous and
wanted to jump down.  I put my arm under the blanket and  bunched it up into
a little mound under his front paws, he lay right down, stretched his arms
right out with all his toes extended and kneading away, and stated suckling
face down in the material.  It was like he was doing all his favorite things
one last time to please me...When he was done the vet came in, we layed his
blanket on the table, it was a very peaceful passing.  His stuck his little
tongue out at us as he passed, which seemed kind of appropriate.  I am so
grateful for all the kind people on this list who gave me such good advice
when he was a kitten, I am going to stay a member.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support over the past few years, and
hugs to your furbabies, Beth, Blue, Moxie, Dash, Scooter, and Angel Will

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 12:15 AM, Diane Rosenfeldt

> Beth, I remember Will, and I'm so sorry he had to go to the Bridge. 
> Hugs to you.
> Diane R.
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> Hi, I'm not sure if you got a reply as my computer has been down for 
> quite some time.  I tested everyone Elisa and IFA initially, did a 
> follow-up IFA several months later, and vaccinated the negatives.  My 
> plan was only to retest if a negative became sick, and this was 
> supported by my vet.  The chance that a healthy, adult, vaccinated 
> negative will pick up the disease is small, so I felt the funds were 
> better spent on other problems (2 of my negs have severe allergies).  
> I haven't told the list yet, as I just got functioning Internet 
> service again today , but I had to help my sweet positive boy leave 
> this world on November 13th.  I haven't been active on the list for some
time now, but some folks here may remember Will Feral.
>  Lymphoma finally got him, after 3.5 active, happy years.  He is so 
> terribly missed.  I plan to test my 4 negatives as soon as finances 
> permit, so that I can comfortably discontinue vaccinating them for 
> FeLV.
> Best wishes,
> Beth
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 9:00 AM, Maria Ianiro <> wrote:
> > Hello -
> >
> > For those of you with multi-cat households, I was wondering what 
> > your vet has recommended in terms of re-testing for FELV in the 
> > negative cat.
> >
> > I have 1 positive and 1 negative that have been living together for 
> > over a year now.  I have been advised to re-test the negative cat 
> > once a year for FELV and give the negative cat the FELV combo shot 
> > once a year.
> >
> > Thank you
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