Hmmm-maybe you're hugging him too tight!! LOL! But seriously, after having the 
6 positives, I began researching the food. So many popular brands, Hills 
included, contain carcinogens. The big baddie is Ethoxyquin-with Lymphoma a 
common disease of FeLV kitties, I tried to eliminate that from their diet-they 
are at our mercy, having to eat what we put in front of them. Just do a google 
search for "ethoxyquin in pet food"-it is shocking! I am now feeding a 
combination of Evo, Felidae (certain formulas, the fish meal has Ethoxyquin-so 
avoid that) and mainly Blue Buffalo. I think all are made with human grade 
ingredients and contain probiotics-my cats are less farty these days and much 
shinier. I wish I had known about the ingredients years ago, I lost my last 3 
big dogs, 2 Aussies and a mixed breed to cancer. It was horrible to go through. 
I have subscribed to a site that reviews pet foods and lists all the "red flag" 
ingredients and also rates each food.
 Many "animal fats" and "meat by products" can mean stuff from the rendering 
plants-diseased animals and euthanized pets-containing the euthanasia 
drugs  also. There have been articles on pets having horrible reactions to 
foods with those chemicals in it. All we can do is try, thank goodness 
(somedays) for the internet.It does help with research. Alice
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