Took in an FIV cat with very bad stomatitis.  I'd never seen a huge, emaciated 
cat try to eat but run backwards growling and screaming and pawing at his face, 
and boy, was I afraid of him!  Vet pulled teeth, was reluctant at first to use 
steroid because of FIV status but after a month, very bad flare-up so vet 
wanted to try steroid.  I found an excellent homeopath instead and Kohl did 
very well for 2 years with this (rather intensive treatment) and a raw diet.  
He was actually physically and mentally excellent until we noticed a swelling 
that was dx as an oral cancer, but even his ending was helped with the 
homeopathy and he did well until the few days before we opted to have him 


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I'll have to think - for Stomatitis/gingivitis, I've used
1) pulling the teeth (seems to work well)
2) Oral dexamethasone (some folks have good luck with that - made my kitty 
cough a little but helped somewhat)
3) Monthly Demo (steroid) shot - nice but if it gets too frequent, kitty comes 
down with other things
4) Convenia antibiotic shot, followed by oral Axithromycin as needed (worked 
pretty well)

There's another oral med that I've tried but can't remember the name right now, 
have to look it up.  It was pretty good.  I'm sure there are some other 
options.  As I understand, Stomatitis can be called by several different 

Best of luck,


On Dec 13, 2009, at 3:54 PM, wrote:

> Hi. I'm fostering an FIV+ cat right now who has pretty bad stomatitis. We had 
> his teeth cleaned and 6 of them removed, and after a few weeks of antibiotics 
> post-dental surgery he was doing much much better-- eating a lot more, gained 
> 3 pounds in 3 weeks, not seeming to have any mouth pain and the redness was 
> all gone. We stopped the antibiotics (which had been clindamycin then 
> switched to clavamox) and he remained ok for  a few days. He then went to a 
> potential adoptive home with another FIV+ cat. A week later she called for us 
> to get him back, largely because his mouth got really bad again. He is back 
> on Clavamox, and has been for a few days, but is growling when he eats and 
> can only eat wet food that we break up into very small pieces. His gums are 
> very inflamed again. I had 6 FeLV+ cats, but was lucky that none had 
> stomatitis like this. For those of you whose cats have it or had it, what do 
> you recommend?
> thanks,
> Michelle
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