Don't be afraid to push the cat to bowel tolerance if giving
vitamin C orally.  The best type of vitamin C for pushing to
bowel tolerance would be a pure sodium ascorbate powder (no
other vitamins) mixed into the cat's wet food with liver
powder to help flavor it.  Increase the amount daily until
the cat has loose stool, then back down and try again until
the cat consistently has diarrhea at a certain level.  Just
below that level would be bowel tolerance.  

For those of you who may be concerned about all the negative
propaganda surrounding the use of high levels of vitamin C,
don't be.  It is completely and totally benign and nontoxic
at any level and will not harm your cat.  Cats (and dogs)
make only 40 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, whereas
a mouse makes 275.  Based on this it is easy to see why cats
and dogs succumb to so much viral disease, infection and
cancer and other animals do not.  The difference in the
amount they make is likely due to the high level of
domestication of cats and dogs compared to their wild
ancestors and also the poor quality of food that they are
reduced to eating.  

Remember to try to spread the dosing out to a couple of
times a day, as animals usually make vitamin C 24/7 in the
liver.  Again, do not be afraid to give your cat vitamin C
to bowel tolerance, for you will see the most benefit and
healing at the highest possible dosing.  Intravenous is
best, followed by subcutaneous or intramuscular injections,
followed by oral.  The Injections sting a little and the
cats are not crazy about them but faster healing will be
seen with this administration over the oral dosing.
However, however you can get it into the cat, the key is
using enough, starting immediately, and being consistent.  

Sally Snyder Jewell
Tower Laboratories Corporation

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