Good morning everyone,


I'm new to the list, so please take my suggestion with the appropriate
weight, but it seems to me that every approach to coping with, keeping at
bay, and dealing with the ravages of these diseases and their associated
symptoms should be welcomed and left to individual feline caretakers to
investigate with the vets we are working with.  


It is understandable that emotions can run many have lost precious
little lives, sometimes after great expense, hope and ultimate failure.
It's the sharing of that experience, receiving suggestions, asking
questions.that makes this such a valuable resource for those of us dealing
with the everyday joys and setbacks of our caretaking roles.  


I can only speak for myself, but I truly welcome every suggestion offered.
It takes courage to share what can be viewed as "outside the traditional
box" therapies.  As a user of these posts, I am actively seeking any
treatment that might enhance the lives of my little ones.  I think we all


Just my little two cents from SoCal this morning.  Thanks to you all and
blessings of the season!




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