Acemannan is now easy enough to get, but must come through a vet. They just had a $64 price increase and I paid $228 for the package of four 10 mg bottles and that doesn't last long if you have a large cat. Sometimes they have specials on it from the distributors, got my first package on special for $125 and had a bit of sticker shock at the new price. Ordered the stuff for the Vitamin C IV therapy and will be trying it on a positive with a large lymphoma. The tumor is in his chest and is quite large, so don't know how well this will go, but not much in the way of alternatives.


Gloria B. Lane wrote:
If you can find a vet to do it, I'd try the vitamin C therapy in a New York Minute. I've never used Acemannan, but have read a lot about it and it sounds good too. When I checked into it a few years ago, it was hard for me to get. Course you'd have to find a competent vet willing to do that too.

Good luck!


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