Hi everyone!
I dont know if anyone can remember my story, so in short: Ben was diagnosed 
with FIV a month ago, and the vet sent us home to die - saying there are no 
effective treatments for cats with FIV who are sick (Ben had toxoplasmosis at 
the time). We started Ben on Interferon and a whole cluster of supplements, but 
he continued to go down-hill. His main issue was anemia. Then my vet did some 
research, and called to tell me about a treatment with a thing called a Zapper 
that has shown some promising results in people who have HIV. He tried it on 20 
puppies who all had parvo, and out of the 20, 19 survived - he has never been 
able to pull so many puppies through parvo, usually its 19 who die and 1 that 
makes it. He wanted to start Ben on the Zapper treatments.
Now I'm not the kind of person who easily believes in things that have no 
scientific base or evidence to prove/disprove treatments. I've researched this 
Zapper for hours, and have not been able to find any, what I would in my 
opinion, call 'reliable' facts about this. Lots of websites singing its 
praises, lost of them saying its not worth the plastic its made of, and no 
scientific studies to date about it. 
Ben started the treatments two and a half weeks ago, and since then he has gone 
from strength to strength. He is no longer on any medications apart from his 
supplements, and he is a glowing picture of health. The vet is as astonished by 
his recovery as I am. We are going to run a full blood panel on him in January 
2010. My vet said in his experience he has NEVER had a vertically infected 
kitten who got seriously ill, like with toxoplasmosis, live to be older than 6 
months. Ben has just passed the 6 month mark. 
I can only give my story and hope that it might work for anyone else out there 
as well as it worked for me. At least google it to make up your mind - its 
called a Zapper, and it was invented by a lady called Hulda Clarke. It involves 
holding two copper probes under the cats' front legs for 10 min on/10 min off 
sessions of 3 cycles. The theory - running a fequency higher than an organisms' 
own frequency through it, will kill the organism, in other words small 
organisms like germs and virusses will be killed by it. All I can say is that 
since we've been Zapping Ben, he hasn't had any more health problems. 

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