Hi guys!
Thank you for all the positive replies - I hope to find out as much as I can 
and will let you know as soon as I have the information. It's my vet's Zapper, 
I have no idea where he bought it, but I'm seeing him again tomorrow and I will 
definitely ask him. As far as the amounts of treatments Ben gets - my vet 
started him off on a treatment every day for a week, because Ben was really 
sick when my vet came up with this, it was really our last hope. Ben was so 
anemic, he just lied on the ground all day, we couldnt get him to eat or do 
anything. After his first treatment, when we came home, he polished off a whole 
bowl of food, and then ran off to go and play in our garden; he was really 
pooped out afterwards, but it was the most activity we've seen from him in many 
days. It's pretty much like that after every treatment, where he has a lot more 
energy and eats well. The vet now has us coming in every two days for 
treatment, and so far all is still well. The
 aim is to taper the treatments off to a point where he only needs to go for 2 
treatments a week. I missed one of his treatments this weekend, he was supposed 
to go on Saturday, and we could only take him in on Sunday, and it really didnt 
look like it made any difference that he missed a day. Ben just carried on like 
any other 6 month old kitten. I would also like to mention that my vet doesnt 
charge us anything for these treatments. He says it doesn't take anything from 
him in terms of expertise or equipment, its really just needing a wall socket 
to plug the machine in to, and we do the treatment ourselves while he carries 
on with his other patients.

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