Thanks for the update, Natasha.  If you could, also find out
the model and make of the machine when you go back on
Tuesday.  I am wondering if your vet is using a full blown
frequency generator unless you have specifically seen the
word Zapper associated with the machine??  The more
expensive generators have a greater range of frequencies for
more pathogen-killing power. 

Sally Snyder Jewell

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> Hi guys!
> Thank you for all the positive replies - I hope to find
out as much
> as I can and will let you know as soon as I have the
> It's my vet's Zapper, I have no idea where he bought it,
but I'm
> seeing him again tomorrow and I will definitely ask him.
As far as
> the amounts of treatments Ben gets - my vet started him
off on a
> treatment every day for a week, because Ben was really
> when my vet came up with this, it was really our last
hope. Ben
> was so anemic, he just lied on the ground all day, we
couldnt get
> him to eat or do anything. After his first treatment, when
we came
> home, he polished off a whole bowl of food, and then ran
off to
> go and play in our garden; he was really pooped out
> but it was the most activity we've seen from him in many
> It's pretty much like that after every treatment, where he
has a lot
> more energy and eats well. The vet now has us coming in
> two days for treatment, and so far all is still well. The
>  aim is to taper the treatments off to a point where he
only needs
> to go for 2 treatments a week. I missed one of his
treatments this
> weekend, he was supposed to go on Saturday, and we could
> only take him in on Sunday, and it really didnt look like
it made
> any difference that he missed a day. Ben just carried on
like any
> other 6 month old kitten. I would also like to mention
that my vet
> doesnt charge us anything for these treatments. He says it
> doesn't take anything from him in terms of expertise or
> equipment, its really just needing a wall socket to plug
> machine in to, and we do the treatment ourselves while he
> carries on with his other patients.
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