if you check the archives, you'll find that there have been a number of kitties 
on list with pupils that had variable dilation.  If memory serves, most of 
those kitties had normal or low ocular pressure (including my Ninja) and so the 
variations seemed to be neurological in nature.  One day the left would be 
dilated larger than the right and the next day it'd be opposite.  Or not.  
Sometimes there would be what is called a 'reverse D' pupil where only one side 
dilated and it looked like an upper case D in a mirror.  With elevated ocular 
pressure, I would definitely have kitty seen by an ophthalmologist.
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From: Kerry MacKenzie <>
Sent: Mon, January 4, 2010 2:06:31 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] spastic pupil syndrome

Dear all, I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of "spastic pupil 
syndrome" in leukemia kitts and if you've heard of any treatment for it.  Any 
info would be much appreciated.
Kerry M.

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