Meant to include this! Please help if you can! Susan is a librarian at the Arkansas School for the BLind, and has a "Library Cat" who goes to school with her - hey! IF possible, please vote for ALEX- she's entered him in a Bissell contest, and if he wins it will benefit our rescue, Feline Rescue and Rehome. Thanks very much - we really appreciate it! I've included her info below -Gloria


This is the link to follow for the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest which Big Footsie placed in (one of the weekly contests) last year! Let's beat the over 600 votes Footsie got and send Alex to the finals! They have never had an orange tabby in the top 5 so I think he has a great chance.

He can win up to $5000 for FuRR and appear on Bissell packaging for a year.

The voting is a little harder this year - you have to create an account to do it. Follow the link , click on Please Log In to Vote, click on If Not a Member Click Here to Create an Account, once that is done click on VOTE, then search for Alex, click on the picture and then on the Vote tab just to the right of the tab that shows the number of votes. You do NOT have to use your email account's actual password. BUT - if this is too much hassle but you'd still like your vote to be counted, just reply to this email and say vote for me, and I can do it!

Please forward to all your friends, post on Facebook, etc.

We have through Thursday, JANUARY 14th to vote - there are over 3500 entries - but we can do it!

Thank you so much.

Alex and Susan
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