Today, I spent an hour digging a grave to hold the body of my beloved
Mozart.   God only knows why he is still alive but I don't intend to
have another untimely period of snow and ice stop me from giving him the
burial he deserves.  Regretfully, I don't own a pyramid for his body
like the ancient Egyptian kings provided for their beloved cats. 
However, I dug the best grave that I possibly could, in one of his
favorite locations, and today my wife is buying the finest shroud to
place his body in.  Our original plan for the day was to have him put to
sleep and bury him this afternoon but none of the local vets were
available so we will probably do everything possible to keep him alive
until next Saturday when our vet will be back in town and can come to
our home.

Mozart was diagnosed positive with FeLV in November 2009.  Within 2 days
of the diagnosis we put him on Imulan LTCI shots.  Unfortunately, we
started him on 1 shot per week and continued with that for 6 weeks.  He
began to go downhill quickly during the Christmas break so we increased
the LTCI shots to 3 per week but he has continued to loose weight and
the shots are helping less and less.  He is skin and bone but still has
the most incredible will to live!  He just will not give up and his
courage further confirms what I already know about him being a truly
outstanding example of the strength, stamina, and independence of his
Bengal cat heritage.  I am so fortunate to have enjoyed his company for
over 10 years and will never forget how much he taught me nor
underestimate the additional knowledge he had to share with me.

Thanks to everyone in this loving supportive group for allowing me to be
here.  It is possible to feel joy even in times of sorrow when you are
blessed as much as I have received.

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