Jason, my heart is so heavy reading about Mozart. We have suffered the sadness 
that you and your wife are going through with your baby. I am praying for a 
miracle for Mozart. We are doing well with the Imulan, but our 2 remaining cats 
weren't having anemia problems when we began, they were just constantly sick 
with one URI after another and other little illnesses. We haven't had a sniffle 
or cough since the end of Oct. Is he still eating and drinking? We lost 4 young 
brothers last year to anemia that came on so quickly->From a few days to two 
weeks from symptoms of anemia beginning to non-moving. They had to fed fed at 
the end. Everyone on this board is so awesome and caring-seems some days we are 
tilting at windmills-but we are all dreaming of the day this damn disease can 
be controlled or cured. We are all sending positive prayers & vibes for your 
family. Alice
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